New role as Chair of the Prime Minister’s Policy Board

I’m delighted to have been appointed by the Prime Minister to a role at the heart of Number 10 and the Cabinet Office as Chair of the Prime Minister's Policy Board.

The role will involve helping shape the new Government's programme, through a restructured Policy Unit and my chairmanship of the Policy Board. Over the next few months, I will be working with the Prime Minister and her team helping set out key areas of the new Government's programme on the deep economic and social reforms we need to make the economy work for everyone in our society.

After two years as a Business Minister and Health Minister leading the Government’s work on public service innovation, and industrial strategy in agritech and healthcare, I will now be able to develop a wider programme of support for the role of science and innovation, infrastructure, localism, enlightened public service and a more inclusive society and economy at the heart of a 21st-century UK pioneering a new future outside the EU.

As a committed One Nation Conservative reformer, I’m thrilled to have the chance to work on putting this agenda at the centre of the new Government’s political mission. As the new title for the Business Department - Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - makes clear, industrial strategy is key to this. While it was a huge honour to define and drive through the Life Science and Industrial Strategies in Government, I’m pleased that these will now be taken on by other Ministers and that I now have the exciting opportunity to co-ordinate Government policy more widely.

As I said when I first stood for Parliament, my central political mission has always been to be Mid Norfolk’s representative in Westminster, not the other way round. By bringing the insight of our area to the heart of Government, I look forward to continuing that vital work over the coming years.

George Freeman MP
Chair, Prime Minister’s Policy Board

George in Westminster

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