16th June 2017

Last Thursday the people spoke, here in Norfolk and across the country. To be returned to Parliament for the third time is a huge responsibility.

As we all know, during this campaign we heard some powerful grievances, complaints and concerns from the electorate – locally and nationally. I am determined that I, and the Conservative Party, listen, heed, and show we have acted on them.

That’s why this week I have decided this week to call for the new minority Conservative Government to adopt a fresh approach to the core challenges we face as a country:

  • A renewed focus on the inspiring One Nation commitment to tackle the hidden social injustices in our society and economy that the Prime Minister highlighted so inspiringly on entering Number 10 last July
  • An end to the model of austerity which, after an initial period of reasonable belt-tightening by the whole country, has seen in the last couple of years too many cuts to the frontline public services and public servants instead of cuts to Government and cosy back office bureaucracies, and insufficient attention to incentivising the innovative leadership required for public sector efficiency
  • A more urgent model of growth with greater incentives for those who take risk to create jobs and businesses and a more active Industrial Strategy to drive our Innovation Economy
  • An end to the divisive language of the Brexit debate, resisting the voices of Scottish and English nationalism, to secure a One Nation Brexit that works for us all – making us stronger, safer, and more prosperous
  • A more open and democratic Parliamentary role in exploring the various options in the Brexit negotiations - there is clearly a large majority in Parliament for a new relationship with the EU outside of the political union but with as much access to the markets of Europe as possible
  • A more business-like approach: we need UK businesses to be able to continue to grow and flourish and create jobs and prosperity. It would be a disaster if Brexit undermined our economic competitiveness and productivity (including our public services)

This week I’ve been setting out this message in a series of interviews and articles with the Daily Telegraph, World at One and on Newsnight – see links below.

I believe that all of us who share this view have a duty to work together to set out a coherent plan for how to achieve it, which needs to be our focus over the coming weeks and months.

If you support this analysis and would be interested in following up on any of this, please do get in touch by emailing me

George Freeman MP

Member of Parliament for Mid Norfolk
Chairman of the Conservative Policy Forum


My Newsnight Interview (at 2:09 & 6:40):

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