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George Freeman was first elected to Parliament in May 2010 after a 15year career in the Cambridge cluster starting and financing high growth technology businesses. 

When elected in 2010 for the new constituency of Mid Norfolk he took the majority from 8000 to 14,000, and increased it again to 22, 594 and 62% of the vote in the 2019 General Election. 


Career in Parliament


-    Elected member of the Communities and Local Government Select Committee

-    PPS to the Minister for Energy, 


-    Appointed by Prime Minister David Cameron as Government Advisor on Life Sciences

-    Led the UK Life Science and Agritech Industrial Strategy

-    Appointed UK Trade Envoy


-    Appointed Minister for Life Sciences at the Department of Health and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. 

-    Oversaw the launch of the NHS Genomics Programme, and the UK Life Science Industrial Strategy for NHS Innovation. 


-    In the Brexit reshuffle Theresa May moved him to No 10 as Chair of the Prime Minister’s Policy Board


-    After leading the criticisms of the 2017 Manifesto and election campaign, he resigned from No10 to focus on his campaign for Conservative and National #Renewal. 

-     His is Chair of the Conservative Policy Forum (CPF) 

Big Tent Ideas Festival 

-    In 2017 he launched the Big Tent Ideas Festival, which this year saw a dazzling array of speakers from all parties join c2000 people for a series of talks in 8 Tents

-    The Festival has won support from President Macron, Stephen Fry, Rabbi Sachs and Ruth Davison, and MPs from all parties. 

Conservative Policy Forum, Chair (2017-2019

  • The Prime Minister appointed George Freeman as the Chairman of the CPF

Bridge of Hope, Co-Founder (2018- Present)

- George Freeman launched project to offer help to Newmarket racing staff 'who have taken a tumble in life’.

Britain Beyond Brexit, Editor (2019)

  • The Centre for Policy Studies is delighted to announce the publication of 'Britain Beyond Brexit', a collection of essays by almost 40 leading politicians, edited by George Freeman MP.
  • The collection, produced by Freeman and the 2020 Group of Conservative MPs, brings together an all-star cast of Conservatives to set out a bold new vision for Britain beyond Brexit, exploring how a new Conservatism can tackle the grand challenges of our time and win back the next generation of voters.
  • The collection includes essays by many of those who will shape the Conservatives' future, including Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, the Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, the Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP and the Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP - all of whom will be speaking at its launch in Parliament on Monday 10 June. It also features a foreword from the Rt Hon Ruth Davidson MSP, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives.
  • The book is organised around six key themes:
  • “Identity, Place and Belonging” discusses the importance of people’s natural loyalty to place and how it can be better harnessed.
  • “Opportunity Society” looks at how to reform schools, skills, welfare and public services to put opportunity at the heart of our society.
  • “Innovation Economy” sets out a bold package of ideas for unleashing a renaissance of innovation and enterprise, showing how it is fundamental to social mobility.
  • “Responsibility and Social Justice” outlines a model of social justice which always provides a safety net for those in need but helps avoid debilitating state dependency.
  • “Security and Insecurity” explores new asymmetric military threats and reforms to aid and trade.
  • “Culture, Community and Citizenship” argues that real security is about more than just a society’s wealth or military power. It also rests on the resilience of its shared values and the institutions that protect them.

Minister for Transport (Future of Transport, 2019 - 2020)

  • George Freeman had responsibility for:
  • transport technology and innovation
  • Future of Mobility Grand Challenge
  • decarbonisation and environment
  • Office for Low Emission Vehicles
  • Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
  • spaceports
  • devolution and housing
  • East-West Arc connectivity
  • Shadow roads Minister in the Commons


George is the great great great nephew of William Gladstone, the Liberal Prime Minister. 

His Great Aunt was Mabel Philipson was the first British Conservative woman MP elected to Parliament shortly after the American Nancy Astor. 

George’s father, Arthur Freeman, was jockey to HM The Queen Mother, and won the Grand National in 1958.

He is divorced with two teenage children. 

Campaigning history

A long tike political campaigner for reform, George founded and led:

  • The Local Identity Agency (1992)
  • Mind The Gap (2003)
  • Positive Politics (2005)
  • Before nearly overturning Labour MP Barbara Follett in the then Labour stronghold of Stevenage (2005)
  • Elected Member of Parliament for Mid Norfolk (2010)
  • Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Minister of State for Climate Change from (2010 - 2011)
  • Government adviser on Life Sciences (July 2011) co-ordinating the Government’s Life Science and Innovation, Health and Wealth Strategies (2011), and the Agri-Tech Industrial Strategy (2013). He was appointed the Prime Minister’s UK Trade Envoy in (2013)
  • Minister for Life Sciences at the Department of Health and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. (2014-2016) 
  • Prime Ministers Policy Board, Chair (2016 - 2017)
  • Big Tent Ideas Festival, Founder (2017 - Present)
  • Conservative Policy Forum, Chair (2017-2019)
  • Bridge of Hope, Co-Founder (2018- Present)
  • Britain Beyond Brexit, Editor (2019)
  • Minister for Transport (Future of Transport, 2019 - 2020)

Big Tent Ideas Festival

Politics is undergoing a tectonic shift. That’s why I launched the Big Tent Ideas Festival, aiming to tackle the most difficult policy challenges we face. The Festival has now run for two years. This year we hosted our first-ever Leaders’ Summit and brought nearly 2,000 people together for the main Festival across fifty events and eight different tents, discussing ideas to reform our politics, our economy and our society.

The Big Tent Ideas Festival is part of the Capital Ideas Foundation, founded by a group of entrepreneurs to campaign for renewal in the radical centre-ground. Over the next year, we will be setting off round the country as the forum for the best new ideas in public policy. Click below and join us.

Read more:

Big Tent Ideas website


We are in the middle of a Brexit civil war. What is clear is that the existing options will not unite our country.

Chequers has been dismissed by Brussels and is roundly rejected by the ERG. The Canada option was also not designed for the circumstances we currently face. We are a European nation already heavily reliant on the single market - wanting ideally to retain access to the single market without being in the 'political' union.

That’s why I believe ongoing membership of the European Free Trade Association is now the obvious route. It would give us off-the-shelf access to the single market, allow us to take back control of our fishing and farming industries, control free movement and let us negotiate our own trade deals.

Unless we stand up and fight for a sensible moderate Brexit, we risk enduring a #HardBrexit. There is an alternative that we can embrace now. It is time to embrace EFTA.


The Innovation Economy

Industrial Policy for the 21st Century, by George Freeman and Kwasi Kwarteng

Progress for Oxford-Cambridge Arc as government announces preferred East West Rail central section

Announcing the preferred route, route E, for the Bedford to Cambridge section of the East West Rail line.
30 January 2020

Funding for on-street chargepoints doubled to help charge up electric vehicle revolution

Residential street chargepoint funding doubled and plans increasing access to real-time information released.
21 January 2020

Electric taxis to go wireless thanks to new charging tech trial

Wireless charging for electric taxis to start in Nottingham.
17 January 2020

First of a Kind 2020 launches to find this century’s Brunel

Department for Transport and Innovate UK launch competition to drive innovation on the railways.
13 January 2020